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Not Rational, Not Ordinal, Gloriously Cardinal.

Over 35,000 people in over 35 countries have read my not for profit blog and I am truly grateful! 

As with most of my blogs I wanted a catchy title. My research led me into the world of mathematics as I searched for a descriptive word for 35,000 which turns out to be a cardinal number, a number denoting quantity rather than ordinal which describes it's place in a series nor is it a rational number. Could it therefore be an irrational number? Per se? I do love my word play.

Non Profit- Cosmetics Reviews, Humanitarian Advice, Mental Health*, Disability Awareness*, Positivity, Business Management, Joie De Vivre!  *I draw from my own experiences, colleagues living with this daily as well as professionals in the respective fields. I would like to increase awareness, reduce stigmas and to inform.


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My Video Clip That Was Set To Promote My Yet To Be Published (This Blog) Product Review Of Aero Tan, That Went Viral Over The Last 3 Days, +47k Views And Now That The End Is In Sight, Everything Is Alright!
The Beginning Of The EndMy caption under my video above explains it all. Logistically I had finished my Vlog product review which included an extra level of detail as I wanted to update my advice from my previous blogs on the subject of "Self Tan Tutorials". As the resident Beauty Expert within Gaslight Pharmacy where I work, I conduct face to face tutorials from self tan to skincare routines as well as men's grooming. Training and writing down notes is fine, but some people need more. I teach, but I never preach. 
Skincare, hair care and other tutorials are fine for me to conduct at work, but self tanning your body isn't always conducive to this environment. I do show examples on my hands and arms, but it still is a lot of information to remember and that is why I…

The GREAT Weight Debate

The subject matter behind this blog is rather personal, I wasn't sure if I would ever want to publish it. It was exhausting having to think about my body weight and the negative comments that came with it and it’s a rather contentious issue amongst people, here I go..
The Online Comments That Inspired This Blog. Comments Used With Permission From The Page Owner.
So why publish a blog on people's weight? Well firstly it wasn’t something about myself that inspired this blog, it was something bad happening online to someone who I know, where her weight was used as an attempt to attack her. She reached out to me and quite simply, I had had enough of people using weight as a way of attacking a person. The way that I see it is that if your discussions online lead you to attack a person’s weight, or how they look, or anything else personal, then perhaps the point that you are trying to explain/defend is useless.

My point here being that I support healthy debates, you don’t…


In a retail environment if a customer approaches me with an aggressive tone, I won’t react. Then they increase in volume as if to try to shame me into submission, I won’t react. The louder they get, the harder they fall. They know exactly what they want and they have envisioned exactly what I will say, I won’t react.

If a person has to yell to be heard (when I am silent) or if they feel the need to escalate a situation to physical violence, then the point that they are trying to make is invalid. Don’t think for me, ask me.

Once this customer has left my store, the remaining customers will long remember that persons behaviour and mine. You don’t put out a fire with more fire, a fire burns quickly and burns itself out. Especially when a fire is met with calm and clear direction.

That all sounds too easy, optimistic and unrealistic...doesn’t it?

Easy it is not. I get upset as much as anybody else. But absorbing this persons anger into myself and letting it manifest is simply perpetuating a c…


I find it hard to write about my achievements as I would like to be a relatable person who's posts and blog are more of a cathartic process than statements of my achievements. These last few months have been exceptional exceptions to the norm. 

I worked really hard for this achievement of excellence and I am the first within my pharmacy to achieve an award for upholding company values. I want my fellow staff to know of this so that, working with their own strengths, one day they can achieve it too..but not right now, I want to enjoy it for me.

King M. Rakic
Holistic Customer Service Excellence


Promotions/Cosmetic Sales/Makeup Artististry-TO-Regus General Manager AND-Two Time InternationalBronze MedallistFor Australia
🏆 I've gone above and beyond what I thought that I might achieve in my life professionally and whilst representing my country in sport. During the last year of High School and then again in College, the Career Advisor asked me what career path I would like to pursue? They had questions, I left with great grades and I started to work, I didn't have any definitive answers. I don't have any regrets, just a sad/hard end to my first job as a hairdresser due to a bad case of dermatitis.
👐 Dermatitis appeared on my hands, my skin split, it was unbearably itchy 24/7. I was scratching the skin off even in my sleep. I wish that the products to treat it now where available back then. A wish, I don't regret my first job. Just pick another career then?!...Umm?

My Experience & My Insatiable Thirst For Knowledge,  Keep Me Up To Date & Ready To Inform Or …

Lightning Strikes Twice

I was sitting on this piece of information for a few weeks as I wanted to let Gaslight Pharmacy share the information first.

The criteria for our Employee Of The Month includes their performance, ensuring that our customers receive the best customer service, implementing our core values as well as going the extra mile in regards to our Manager's expectations.
Gaslight In The Press-
Then esprit Magazine found out and I was blown away..
This flowed perfectly from the last issue of esprit Magazine which featured my first editorial piece in print media. Are the two related? No, as in the middle of this I had a mystery shopper review at work with a result of 95%..wowza!
King M. Rakic Special thanks to Gaslight Pharmacy & esprit Magazine