02 January 2017

A Blasé Karma Cliché

For 3 weeks I have secretly coveted the Moët Rosé Impérial Champagne ever since I reposted an image of the bottle from SugarBaby Beauty. I didn't want to have any expectations of trying a glass of this intriguing drink during the busy 'silly season'-Christmas, my birthday or New Years Eve a few days later. I promised a staff member that I would work New Years day for her as it was her birthday and her brother was flying in to see her. She downplayed her birthday, like I do on December 26th, but I could feel (more than I could hear) that it meant a lot to her. Happy to help. Moët, not today.
Whet-To whet is to create or stimulate an interest or appetite for something 
Tonight I stopped by my friends house after work and he offered me a glass of champagne from a bottle that he had opened New Years Eve, for himself and a friend. 💫Shazaam!💫 Out came the Moët Rosé Impérial, the bottle stopper worked very well to preserve the taste and the bubbles (spend a bit more on a good bottle stopper, it's worth it) for nearly 24 hours..but I am a #ChampagneMister and a bottle stopper means one thing, no #SaveYourCaps ..I was still grateful as it felt like I could have a mini New Year cheer. We did. Then he present-ed me with the champagne cap which he had wired back onto the cork 🤗🌟😆 . 
You don't drink often? Neither do I. Ask friends or bar staff to collect caps for you, give a small thank you gift in return. Glamour Upcycling 

He knew of my love affair with Wearing Memories and the versatility of my jewellery, however he didn't know that I wanted to try the rosé as (for once) I was blasé 3 weeks ago. In fact I didn't mention it to him. 

Do something good without any expectation in return and something good may come your way...However...I am also a realist, something good may not come your way from your positive actions towards others, but it is worth doing it anyway. 

My midas touch. If only filming yourself with one hand and flipping your champagne cap with the other hand was an olympic sport!
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I already own a Moët champagne cap which was given to me by an amazing lady. Was I disappointed to receive what I already owned? 

I started with nothing earlier tonight and I ended up with: 
1.Wishing a friend Happy New Year personally
2.A glass of champagne
3.A moment to remember; I can also wear this memory on my wrist or as a necklace etc. aka a "spare to my jewellery heir" champagne cap. 
I am fine, more than fine. 


Please drink in moderation and look after your friends.

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